2018-08-03 12:21
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在Laravel 5.6中放置用于格式化DB内容的代码的位置

I'm new in Laravel (and in frameworks general) and not sure about the right "place" for a formatting function.

A short desciption of my problem: Different tables refer to an enumeration table. The enumeration table keeps a link to an icon, a color, a name and a describtion. I need to format this information in different ways. e.g. "simple" name "detailed" name, description etc...

Now I'm not sure what's best place to put the code:

  • create a custom helper seems to be a too generic place for such issue
  • putting in in the model would be the easiest way but seems to me violaton of MVC.
  • the view violates the "don't repeat yourself" because I need it in different views
  • the template itself? maybe..
  • or create a dedicated blade like phpincludes.enumerationfomat ?

Thanks in advance, Christian

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我是Laravel的新手(在框架中一般)并且不确定格式的正确“位置” 函数。

我的问题的简短描述: 不同的表引用枚举表。 枚举表保持指向图标,颜色,名称和描述的链接。 我需要以不同的方式格式化这些信息。 例如 “简单” 名称 “详细” 名称,描述等......


  • 创建一个自定义助手似乎是一个过于通用的地方,这样的问题
  • 在模型中加入将是最简单的方法,但在我看来 MVC的中提琴。
  • 视图违反了“不要重复自己”,因为我需要在不同的视图中
  • 模板本身? 也许..
  • 或创建像phpincludes.enumerationfomat这样的专用刀片?

    提前致谢, Christian \ n

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  • dqzg62440 2018-08-03 17:02

    I would like to solve:

    The answer is: "component"

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