douwuying4709 2017-03-28 08:01
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Laravel Forge返回[Symfony \ Component \ Debug \ Exception \ FatalThrowableError]类未找到

I have recently removed a Sentry package when I upgraded to 5.4. I have removed the alias and provider from config/app.php and reverted the Exception/handler.php file back to Laravel's original.

The application itself works as expected locally, but upon attempting any artisan command within the server (deployed through Forge), it shows:

[Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError] Class 'Sentry\SentryLaravel\SentryLaravelServiceProvider' not found

I have ran the following commands, yet the error is still persistent:

composer dumpautoload and composer clear-cache, yet I cannot run any Artisan command.

Is there another cache location, or additional action I should take to resolve this?

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  • drxyaox153896 2017-03-28 08:18

    I had to manually remove bootstrap/cache directory and then mkdir cache.

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