2016-12-23 12:08
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When the product is listed in Product listing page or Product details page, The price not showing.When I click on any variation like color,then only the product price is displayed.If I deactivate the plug-in its all works good.

Note: I am using

  1. Wordpress-4.6.1
  2. WooCommerce Price Based on Country Version 1.6.2 | By Oscar Gare
  3. WooCommerce Version 2.6.7.

All the products are variable products(color). I surfed on net for this and found something like this
*Woocommerce - Product price depending on country which is not useful for me.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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当产品列在产品列表页面或产品详细信息页面时,价格未显示。当我点击任何 颜色变化,然后只显示产品价格。如果我停用插件,它的一切正常。


  1. Wordpress-4.6.1
  2. 基于国家版本1.6.2的WooCommerce价格| 作者:Oscar Gare
  3. WooCommerce版本2.6.7。

    所有产品都是可变产品(颜色)。 我在网上冲浪 为此,发现了类似的东西
    * Woocommerce - 产品价格取决于国家 这对我没用。非常感谢任何帮助。谢谢。

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  • duanjing9739 2016-12-24 08:00

    I got a temporary solution for this problem.Just go to edit product page in wordpress back-end and simply edit something and update the product.My suggestion is Please go for other plugins to "Change the price based on country" option.

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