2016-11-08 02:56
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My laravel project is showing this error: NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php when i am trying to sync my project to github using github desktop, except for this route:

Route::get('/', function () {
    return view('welcome');

but another simple route like following will not work, and return that error.

Route::get('loa', function () {
    return view('loa');

In route list, using route command: php artisan route:list it says it exists. but it always returns Route not found. I also have tried to use the command dump-auto load or route:clear, but nothing is working.

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我的laravel项目显示此错误:当我尝试时,RouteCollection.php中的 NotFoundHttpException 使用github桌面将我的项目同步到github,除了这条路线:

  Route :: get('/',function(){
 return view('welcome')  ); 


  Route :: get('loa',function(){
 return view('loa'); 

在路由列表中,使用route命令: php artisan route:list 它表示存在。 但它始终返回未找到的路线。 我也尝试使用命令 dump-auto load route:clear ,但没有任何工作。

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