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如何读取JSON嵌套在Angular JS $ http服务中?

This is my main JSON file

  "chartType" : ["column", "column", "pie"],
  "chartTitle": ["Cantidad de equipos", "Cantidad de artículos consumibles","Cantidad de empleados a cargo"],
  "yAxisTitle": ["Equipos", "Consumibles", "Empleados"],
  "seriesName": ["conexion_equipos_basededatos_json.php", "conexion_consumibles_basededatos_json.php", "conexion_basededatos_json.php"],
  "seriesData": ["conexion_equipos_basededatos_json.php", "conexion_consumibles_basededatos_json.php", "conexion_basededatos_json.php"]

That loads others PHP JSON_ENCODE files in "seriesName" and "seriesData".

These JSON results generate keys "id" and "nombre" (spanish word for name).

How read values for these keys through Angular Service $http.get of the main JSON?

**UPDATE (06/03/2016)**

I'm middle of road!

I read the JSON objects from "seriesName" array with angular.fromJson function as follow:

var deserialize = angular.FromJson(data);

var objects = deserialize.seriesName;


That's throws me an array of objects:

 ["conexion_equipos_basededatos_json.php", "conexion_consumibles_basededatos_json.php", "conexion_basededatos_json.php"]

Thus, how I could read the objects contained in these URL's through Angular?

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“  chartType“:[”column“,”column“,”pie“],
”chartTitle“:[”Cantidad de equipos“,”Cantidaddeartículosconsumibles“,”Cantidad de empleados a cargo“],
”yAxisTitle  “:[”Equipos“,”Consumibles“,”Empleados“],
”seriesData“:[”  conexion_equipos_basededatos_json.php“,”conexion_consumibles_basededatos_json.php“,”conexion_basededatos_json.php“] 

在”seriesName“和”seriesData“中加载其他PHP JSON_ENCODE文件 “。


如何通过主JSON的Angular Service $ http.get读取这些键的值?

** UPDATE(06/03) / 2016)**


我从“seriesName”数组中读取了带有角度的JSON对象 .fromJson函数如下:

  var deserialize = angular.FromJson(data); 
var objects = deserialize.seriesName; 


  [“conexion_equipos_basededatos_json.php”,“conexion_consumibles_basededatos_json.php  “,”conexion_basededatos_json.php“] 


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  • doujiushi9007 2016-06-23 14:09

    Altough have button, I could resolve this issue.

    I have created a repository that integrates Angular.js, PHP, and Highcharts, with Materialize.css, adding series dynamically from external JSON.


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  • doumengyin0491 2016-06-03 14:05

    First of all you need to decode the JSON in PHP using json_decode(), then you treat the result as an object.

    Try something like;

    $data = xyz; // pass in the JSON object
    $res = json_decode($data); // decode JSON
    $chartType = $res->chartType; // access property as an object

    You can also try var_dump($res) to get a clearer understanding of the structure and how to access it;

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  • donglu9445 2016-06-03 14:12

    You can do following.

    $http.get('url_to_json').then(fucntion(response) {
      var myJson =;
      var keys = Object.keys(myJson);
        console.log('Your keys', keys);
    }, fucntion(error) {
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