2016-03-23 11:27
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I'm working with Aspose API, .NET Components platform Aspose.Words for .NET product.

Here is my test.php code,

                //this is working correctly 
                $word = new COM("word.application");

                //return error in here
                $helper = new COM("Aspose.Words.ComHelper");
                $builder = new COM("Aspose.Words.DocumentBuilder");
                $license = new COM("Aspose.Words.License");

when i run this it's return this error,

enter image description here

here is my vision information,

  • WAMP server 2.5
  • Apache 2.4.9
  • PHP 5.5.12
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1

what is wrong. can anyone help me to solve this.

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