2017-03-01 16:13
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什么是Laravel Auth类将其链接到控制器

What is the class Path for Laravel Auth Class I want it on my Home Controller

FatalErrorException in HomeController.php line 29: Class 
'App\Http\Controllers\Auth' not found

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Laravel Auth Class的类路径我希望它在我的Home Controller上 HomeController.php第29行中的

'App \ Http \ Controllers \ Auth'
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  • duan20081202 2017-03-01 16:17

    I supose you are using the Auth class in your php files. You should place a \ in front of the class name to let the parse know this is in the root namespace.

    For example, like this:


    Alternatively, you can add the following line on top of your class:

    use Auth;

    This will let the parser know where the Auth class is.

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