2017-01-10 15:03
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I have never used Zend framework but I've inherited a site from another developer and need to log in to:

I've created a username and password in the user table in phpMyAdmin (using md5 for the password) but I still can't log in (Invalid credentials provided). Is there something I'm missing?

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我从未使用过Zend框架,但我从其他开发人员那里继承了一个网站,需要登录到:< code>

我在phpMyAdmin的用户表中创建了用户名和密码(使用md5作为密码)但我仍然可以 登录(提供的凭证无效)。 有什么我想念的吗?

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  • doumu9799 2017-01-10 19:36

    The class name in your comment indicates that the app is using ZF1. Since the password is salted, first you need to find the salt. It's coming from a config - see if the app has an application/configs folder (which is the ZF1 convention). Otherwise, just check the source code for "salt" and you should find it.

    It is using md5, so once you have the salt, you should be able to create the password as you were before - just append the salt onto the end of your password. E.g. if your password was "phillystyle" and the salt was "ABCDEFG123", set the password to md5('phillystyleABCDEFG123').

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