douse8732 2016-05-13 11:26
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I am creating a site using codeigniter with a controller process.php. In its index function it gets a list of countries from my db and lists in in my view with a hyperlink to each country. I would like each link to have a hyperlink of http://localhost/process/$countrycode where $countrycode is dependent on the country being clicked.

How do i create a method to have a link such as: http://localhost/process/us for united states http://localhost/process/ca for canada

the method will perform a task based on the country.

From what i understand with codeigniter urls, it is but what i would like to achieve is not to include the function in the URL

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  • dongshan6870 2016-05-13 12:57

    add the new route in your file route.php like this

    $route['add_route_name'] = 'controller/function';

    if you want to pass parameters use it like this

    $route['add_route_name/(:any)'] = 'controller/function';

    for integer

    $route['add_route_name/(:num)'] = 'controller/function';

    in codeigniter 3 use /(.*) for (:any) because the (:any) is not work for All parameters

    For example if you want to pass the parameters like this


    in the above url I'm passing 3 parameters which is not getting with (:any) but whit /(.*) I'm getting the Array of the 3 parameters.

    use it like this.

    $route['add_route_name/(.*)'] = 'controller/function';
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