2016-11-25 03:39
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My code is dynamic and takes the value of the button from my database using PDO.

How do I wrap the text (data from database) while it is written in the button. note: It must accept dynamic long lengths of text per button.

here is my code. Where do I attach the wordwrap from here ?

$sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl_buttons ORDER BY btn_id";
foreach ($PDO->query($sql) as $row) { ?> 
    <div class="col-md-3 portfolio-item">
    <input type="submit" class="btn btn-success btn-lg  " value="<?php echo $row['description']; ?>">
} ?>
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  • du31992 2016-11-25 03:51

    Use white-space: normal; & word-break: break-all; property to make it wrap around the parent container.

    Have a look at the snippet below:

    input[type="submit"] {
      white-space: normal;
      word-break: break-all;
    <link href="" rel="stylesheet"/>
    <div class="col-xs-6 portfolio-item">
            <input type="submit" class="btn btn-success btn-lg  " value="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Repellat maxime debitis repellendus totam, accusantium perspiciatis deserunt harum nemo omnis officiis similique vel quasi explicabo optio, unde sed, vero quia quae?">

    Hope this helps!

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