2014-03-19 16:27
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I installed Cent OS 6.5 and I added Apache and PHP.

If I put some file in /var/www/html/ I can view them in my browser. The problem is, if I put a directory there and some files in the directory, I can't browse them and I get Forbidden error.

I don't want to use .htaccess due to performance and security concerns. How can I configure httpd.conf in order to fix the Forbidden error?

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我安装了Cent OS 6.5,我添加了Apache和PHP。

如果 我在 / var / www / html / 中放了一些文件,我可以在浏览器中查看它们。 问题是,如果我把目录和目录中的一些文件放在一起,我就无法浏览它们而且我得到 Forbidden 错误。

我不知道 由于性能和安全问题,我想使用.htaccess。 如何配置httpd.conf以修复 Forbidden 错误?

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  • doulan3966 2014-03-19 16:32

    Check the permissions of the folder. Apache probably can't see the file/folder. You need to folder to be at least 0755 and the file to be at least 0644.

    If you are using ssh, you should probably setup a umask to set the default permissions of files/folders you create. Or else you will run in to this every time you create a file/folder.

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