2015-06-16 14:56
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Wordpress has_posts在静态页面主页中不起作用

I've got a problem with the function have_posts in my static page home... I would like to have a static page for my home but when I use have_posts in a loop, I don't have any posts but I have pages...

I don't understand what is going wrong...

Have you got an idea to fix that ?


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我的静态页面主页中的函数 have_posts 出现问题。 我想为我的家有一个静态页面但是当我在循环中使用have_posts时,我没有任何帖子但是我有页面...

我不知道 了解出了什么问题......



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  • dongmian8108 2015-06-16 15:00

    The have_posts() on a static home page is to show the static home page.

    This function checks to see if the current WordPress query has any results to loop over. This is a boolean function, meaning it returns either TRUE or FALSE.

    So it checks if the query returns anything (pages,posts,custom content types).

    The have_posts() will return TRUE with 1 post(page) in it, the page you set as your static homepage.

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