2015-05-04 13:58
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如何在Zend Lucene中将一组值存储到一个索引文档中?

I've got a database with a list of registrations. Each of the registrations has 0..* tickets codes. How can I store it into an index document to be able to find a registration by one of the codes?

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我有一个包含注册列表的数据库。 每个注册都有 0 .. * 门票代码。 如何将其存储到索引文档中以便能够通过其中一个代码找到注册?

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  • doujian1954 2015-05-06 08:35

    I found the solution, I put all tickets into one column tickets and I store ticket codes there and each of them divided by space. I made that column with type Text (Understanding Field Types). So, it allows me to search by the tickets and registration information.

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