2015-12-12 21:02

phpMyAdmin for WordPress用户名中的用户概述选项卡错误


When I am logged in to phpMyAdmin I try to view my users tab and it gives me the following error message: "not enough privilege to view users" - I am logged in as the main user of my account and I already created a database, but I can't find the user name to my WordPress PHP login and I need to access the users tab but I can't any step by step guide how to get around this error or work this out?

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  • dqkmn26444 dqkmn26444 6年前

    You do not seem to have grant or read access to these accounts , see the original phpMyAdmin code at line 2615 :

     * Get HTML error for View Users form
     * For non superusers such as grant/create users
     * @return string $html_output
    function PMA_getHtmlForViewUsersError()
        return Message::error(
            __('Not enough privilege to view users.')

    are you logged in as a super user who has access to all the databases(not just one) and the users ?

    Update : Now that I see, I think you are looking for your WordPress user name so that you can login with it, if so instead of looking at the users tab, look at wp_user or some similar table within the database

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