2015-11-04 09:38
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Symfony2 Doctrine查询实体错误

I would use a field in a query but i receive this error: [Semantical Error] line 0, col 78 near 'resource_id =': Error: Class Dt\TagBundle\Entity\Tagging has no field or association named resource_id

This is my entity Tagging:


 namespace Dt\TagBundle\Entity;
 use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM;
 use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\UniqueConstraint;
 use FPN\TagBundle\Entity\Tagging as BaseTagging;

  * Dt\TagBundle\Entity\Tagging
  * @ORM\Table(uniqueConstraints={@UniqueConstraint(name="tagging_idx",      columns={"tag_id", "resource_type", "resource_id"})})
  * @ORM\Entity
 class Tagging extends BaseTagging
 * @var integer $id
 * @ORM\Column(name="id", type="integer")
 * @ORM\Id
 * @ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy="AUTO")
protected $id;

 * @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity="Dt\TagBundle\Entity\Tag")
 * @ORM\JoinColumn(name="tag_id", referencedColumnName="id")
protected $tag;

The table on my db is: Tagging(id, tag_id, resource_type, resource_id) where tag_id correspond at the id of the table: Tag(id,name) and resource_id correspond at the User table User(id, name , surname, ...)

This is my search query:

$query = $em->createQueryBuilder()
         ->from('DtEcBundle:User', 'uu')
         ->innerJoin("DtTagBundle:Tag","tg", "WITH", " = tig.tag")
         ->innerJoin("DtTagBundle:Tagging","tig", "WITH", "tig.resource_id =")
         ->innerJoin("DtTagBundle:Tag","tg", "WITH", " = tig.tag") 
         ->where("uu.surname LIKE :search OR LIKE :search OR uu.profession LIKE :search OR LIKE :search")

How can i do to define resource_id??? Thanks

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  • drkwpgrdb092239314 2015-11-04 09:51

    If you look at the source code for the base class for your entity, you will find that the field is called resourceId not resource_id. It is saved in the resource_id column in the database but that is not what you need to use in Doctrine queries. So, you should change it to:

         ->innerJoin("DtTagBundle:Tagging","tig", "WITH", "tig.resourceId =")
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