2015-05-24 20:09
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I need to send a request from PHP to a C# WEB API. As part of the authentication it requires an MD5 hash of an empty byte array.

How can I generate an MD5 hash of an empty byte array on PHP? I would do it like this in C#.

byte[] Content = new byte[0];
using (var md5 = MD5.Create())
  return md5.ComputeHash(content);

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我需要从PHP向C#WEB API发送请求。 作为身份验证的一部分,它需要MD5 空字节数组的哈希。

如何在PHP上生成空字节数组的MD5哈希? 我会在C#中这样做。

  byte [] Content = new byte [0]; 
nusing(var md5 = MD5.Create())
 return md5.ComputeHash(content);  
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  • douruye5092 2015-05-24 20:33

    You can do it in many way:

    $hash = md5(null, true);
    // or
    $hash = md5('', true);
    // or
    $hash = md5(false, true);
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