2014-08-26 14:13
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无法为PHPMailer BCC电子邮件和全名正确输出收件人列表

how to merge or join or map two arrays fetched from mysql db array full_name and array email to create one recipient list to be bcc for php mailer and then be able to use something like:

$email= array();
$full_name= array();

while loop starts
array_push($email, $row['email']);
array_push($full_name, $row['full_name']);
loop ends

At the end of the while loop i want to merge or join two arrays as shown above how can I do that? can anybody kindly guide me in the right direction?

foreach($recipients as $email => $full_name)
   $mail->AddBCC($email, $full_name);

Many thanks for your valuable help and advice.

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