2015-03-07 00:32

PHP / MySQL - 不发布到数据库


This PHP script is meant to post a users name into a database but it doesnt seem to work properly. The project in unity wont post it correctly and going straight to IP


also doesnt work. It auto increments the ID as it should but the name field is always blank.

        $sql_connect = mysql_connect("IP", "USER", "PASS") or die ("no DB Connection");

        //Select Database
        mysql_select_db("practiceCrim") or die ("DB not found");

        //Post Info To Var
        $name = $_POST['NAME'];

         $query = "INSERT INTO Users (Name)
         VALUES ('$name')";

         //Run The Query, Get Result
        $result = mysql_query( $query, $sql_connect );

         //Not Really Needed For You
            die('Error: ' . mysql_error());

        //Close The Connection
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  • dongmijgnnq0118 dongmijgnnq0118 6年前

    It look like you're getting the name field from the PHP $_POST variable. But your example passes the name field as a GET parameter.

    To fix this, you have two options. If you only want to allow name to be passed as a GET parameter, then you need to do this:

    $name = $_GET["NAME"];

    If you want to allow name to be passed as either a GET or a POST parameter, you can do this:

    $name = $_REQUEST["NAME"];
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  • dongyiluan1718 dongyiluan1718 6年前

    you should replace $name = $_POST['NAME'] with $name = $_GET['NAME'] or $name = $_REQUEST['NAME'] where $_REQUEST is default but don't use $_REQUEST

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