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Linux bash脚本模拟输入

I am pretty new to bash scripting and i have looked every where over the web and i have find several ways to simulate an enter push like you would normally do with php cli . But with my bash script it is not working as it should. Also the echo -ne | y stuff like that.

The problem is that i am trying to install a control panel (zpanel) ad have every question auto answered by bash. But how do i do this when the install script asks me if i want to continue. In this case i need to put in y and then press enter. Another question i just need to push enter and so on.

I hope some one can help me with this and how that is being handled in bash scripts.


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  • doucan9079 2015-03-29 15:24

    If command is a command that asks for an input (for example a confirmation where you have to enter 'Y' or 'N'), this will do the trick:

    echo "N" | command
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