2015-02-17 04:03
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升级到PHP5.6后,Laravel4 Pagination无法正常工作

I have a working pagination code on my machine using PHP5.4 After upgrading to PHP5.6 the pagination stays on the first page. When i clicked on the next page, the address bar show the page number (i.e: http://mysite/page?page=4). However, the button still on page 1. The same code still working on my Windows (WAMP) using PHP5.5. Fyi, im using Freebsd 9.1, Nginx, PHP5.6 (upgraded) Is there something to do with PHP itself, or am i missing some extensions?

Found extra information, I have installed laravel logviewer package on this app. The pagination that come with this package also didn't works. I suspect that, this is nothing to do with code. Maybe php or nginx config.

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我的机器上使用PHP5.4有一个工作分页代码 升级到PHP5.6后,分页保持不变 第一页。 当我点击下一页时,地址栏会显示页码(即: http:// mysite / page?page = 4 )。 但是,按钮仍然在第1页上。 相同的代码仍在我的Windows(WAMP)上使用PHP5.5。 Fyi,即时通讯使用Freebsd 9.1,Nginx,PHP5.6(已升级) 是否与PHP有关 本身,还是我错过了一些扩展?</ p>

找到了额外的信息, 我在这个应用程序上安装了laravel logviewer软件包。 这个包附带的分页也没有用。 我怀疑,这与代码无关。 也许php或nginx配置。 </ p> </ div>

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