doupang1917 2015-02-06 10:25
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Is it possible to collect and map two fields from form to one property?


I have an array field in my entity:

@ORM\Column(name="custom", type="simple_array")

where admin can specify (multi choice) custom options for the product - for example:

$product->setCustom( array('customText', 'customNumber') );

So the user should have two fields in his order form - text and number. Then I want to save them:

    'customText' => 'Foo',
    'customNumber' => '100',

In order entity there is just array field type instead of simple_array.

User can't add new options so the collection field type isn't a good choice in my opinion. I have also tried to use data transformer but I think it can be applied only to one field.

Tell me if it's not clear. I don't need a complete solution but a hint what to choose.

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  • duandi1636 2015-02-09 10:47

    Finally, I created two additional fields in my Entity (like DonCallisto suggested) without mapping to Database and rendered them in the form. Then instead of using DataTransforem, I used a setter with @ORM\PrePersist and @ORM\PreUpdate to set custom values together.

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