2014-11-21 06:01
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Skadate is using smarty as template engine. It has a caching concept. I want to remove or temporarily switchoff the cache .Is it possible ?

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  • dtxpz8785
    dtxpz8785 2014-12-24 11:54

    In skadate we can enable developer mode by going to

    internals -> config.php

    , there change DEV_MODE to true.See the code below

    define('DEV_MODE', true);
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  • dongrong1856
    dongrong1856 2016-01-18 13:20

    Two events are happened during skadate running one is caching, another is compiling. In normal situation system caches files and don't recompile request every request if the page already compiled. To avoid those two events you have to enable DEV_MODE to true. It disables caching and enable the system to recompile every request.

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