2011-12-02 03:52
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<div class='film' id='1'>
<img src='abc.jpg'></img>
<div class='film' id='2'>
<img src='dfdf.jpg'></img>
<div class='film' id='3'>
<img src='fgsf.jpg'></img>
<div class='film' id='4'>
<img src='dfg.jpg'></img>

I create 5700 divs with class 'film' with a PHP file. Div ids are counting. Each div contains a '<p>' element and '<img>' element. Paragraph and image elements doesn't have a class or id.

I want to save image elements in these divs in a folder named 'filmimages' . And I need to insert URLs into my database.

My code should do this.

div with the id 1 -> save the image element to the folder -> filmimages/abc.jpg -> insert into table (url) where id='1' values 'filmimages/abc.jpg'

How to I do it with php?

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  • donglei7152 2011-12-02 04:05

    Well you're going to want to load that HTML into DOM and use getElementsByTagName to get an array of those images. Then you are going to want to use file_put_contents to save it. so...

    $dom=new DOMDocument();
    foreach($images as $image) {
        file_put_contents('filmimages/abc.jpg', file_get_contents(strval($image['src'])));

    Or something like that. I haven't tested this code, but it seems right. As for your database, good luck, I've only ever messed with XML not any SQL yet :)

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