2013-07-18 09:29
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I have created a php file which will open a text file(which resides in the same location along with the php file),and i also added some code thus i can change the content of the text file.It was working great in my local host but as soon as i upload the folder to a server i cant save the changed content to the file some permission related error is coming up.Is there any way thus i can forcefully change the content of the file in server?I mean is there any way thus this permission related issues can be overcome?

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我创建了一个php文件,它将打开一个文本文件(与php文件一起位于同一个位置 ),我还添加了一些代码,因此我可以更改文本文件的内容。它在我的本地主机上工作得很好但是一旦我将文件夹上传到服务器我就不能将更改的内容保存到文件中一些权限相关 错误即将到来。有什么办法可以强制改变服务器中文件的内容吗?我的意思是有什么方法可以解决这个权限相关问题吗?

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  • doutao4938 2013-07-18 09:38

    Access it via FTP and change the permissions to 755 which allows everyone to read / execute and only yourself to write.

    Read more about permissions to find what best suits your requirements.

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