2013-03-10 09:04
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Wordpress连接被重置? 错误101

I'm using Wordpress MU to host two wordpress sites. All of a sudden both the sites are down.

I remember adding a few plugins yesterday and I modified the page.php of the responsiveness theme. I made a backup so now I changed page.php back to it' original.

All the other sites I am hosting work, I host a webail client and a web application and they are working fine so it's not a problem with hosting. I am hosting on my machine so when I go to localhost it still gives same 101 error.

Any ideas?

I'm getting the standard: Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.

Update: I am using wordpress MU with domain mapping and I am hosting on my local machine so my IP address changes frequently. I have not changed it within Domain mapper.

I can't even access it locally using http://localhost.

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我正在使用 Wordpress MU 来托管两个wordpress网站。 突然两个网站都倒塌了。

我记得昨天添加了几个插件,我修改了响应主题的 page.php 。 我做了一个备份,所以现在我将page.php改回原来的状态。

我主持的所有其他网站都在工作,我主持一个webail客户端和一个Web应用程序,他们正在工作 很好,所以这不是托管的问题。 我在我的机器上托管所以当我去localhost时它仍然会出现同样的101错误。


我正在获得标准 :错误101(net :: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET):连接已重置。

更新:我正在使用wordpress MU与域映射,我在我的本地计算机上托管所以我的IP地址经常更改 。 我没有在域映射器中更改它。

我甚至无法使用 http:// localhost 在本地访问它。

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  • dpj997991 2013-03-12 16:09

    I restarted the webserver and made sure the DNS was pointing to my ip.

    Restarting the web server (httpd) seems to have worked as I could not access http://localhost

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