2013-02-01 19:16


I have a couple of Linux-servers. And I want one of them to display resource usage on the other ones. For instance CPU-load, RAM (total, used and available) and so on.

What I am looking for is an PHP-class or similar that possibly might get the data from Webmin (installed on all servers) or maybe through SSH.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • duandgfh0506 duandgfh0506 8年前

    Elegant solution i can think of (one of many)

    Install zabbix clients on servers you want to monitor.

    Use this in your PHP: http://zabbixapi.confirm.ch/

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  • dsw1608 dsw1608 8年前

    Unless Webmin provides some sort of api type interface, you would have to login, via ssh, to each server and run a set of commands to get all the data. This can be done using exec or with ssh library in PHP.

    A more efficient option would be to have all servers report relevant stats on an interval to a central database. Then you could query that database to get information on any of the stats you were looking for.

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