2019-04-10 01:52



Currently using PHP version is 5.6.36 and I need to go down on version 5.3.29.

Running phpinfo()on my script giving me this

enter image description here

While on my cli

enter image description here

For what I understand, I'm still using the version 5.6.36.

Anyway to point the version to different installed php?

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  • dql123000 dql123000 2年前

    Your CLI is referenced to PHP-CLI binaries. But Apache uses its internal module (libapache2-mod-php) to process PHP scripts. You have to downgrade the version of libapache2-mod-php.

    Try with below commands

    # Install the old version of libapache-php
    sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5
    # Disable PHP 5.6 module
    sudo a2dismod php5.6
    # Enable php 5.3 module
    sudo a2enmod php5
    # Restart Apache
    sudo service apache2 restart
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