2011-11-30 11:46



I am looking to add a field to the Solr schema.

I'm aware that after adding a field to the schema.xml, I have to restart the Solr-instance and rebuild the index. However, does the schema.xml reside on the Solr server or should I change the schema.xml that I am exporting?

Also, does "rebuild the index" refer to exporting data to the Solr search server?

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  • douchui1488 douchui1488 10年前

    schema.xml does not usually reside within the Solr Server.
    It resides in the SOLR.HOME pointed through environment settings (tomcat settings fine, solr web.xml or passed as a system property) to an external directory which holds the cores, configurations and the index files.

    If exporting the data means re-feeding the same data to Solr, then it will reindex the data.

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  • doujuyang1764 doujuyang1764 10年前

    Schema file resides in the conf folder of solr home that contains the configuration setting of your index. Yes you have to re-create the index, if your are using DIH then your have to run data-import command again to see the effect of your change.

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