2017-02-13 12:02
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I'm trying to install Solr PHP via the command line on my server

I'm running the installation with

root@vps25581 [/opt]# ./  solr-6.4.1.tgz

but I keep getting this error:

The currently defined JAVA_HOME (/usr/local/jdk) refers to a location where Java could not be found. Aborting. Either fix the JAVA_HOME variable or remove it from the environment so that the system PATH will be searched.

but when I echo $JAVA_HOME i get: /usr/bin/java

Also when I check the directory /usr/bin/java I can't find any .jdk files or any other files there

How can I find the right location?

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我正在尝试通过服务器上的命令行安装Solr PHP < p>我正在使用

  root @ vps25581 [/ opt]#。/ solr-6.4.1.tgz 
  <运行安装 / pre> 


当前定义的JAVA_HOME(/ usr / local / jdk)指的是 到 无法找到Java的位置。 中止。 修复JAVA_HOME变量或将其从 环境中删除,以便搜索系统PATH。

但是当我 echo时 $ JAVA_HOME 我得到: / usr / bin / java

当我检查目录 / usr / bin / java 我找不到任何.jdk文件或其他任何文件


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  • duanqiu3800 2017-02-13 12:16

    is most likely a symbolic link.

    ls -l /usr/bin/java

    will show you what it is currently pointing to.

    If it needs updated use this command:

    ln -sfn <locationOfJDK> /usr/bin/java

    to update the symbolic link and attempt to re-install.

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