2016-05-01 03:54
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I want to display the list of papers with more That a reporter , but I think I have a problem in my sql query syntax .. here is the whole function in my controller :

`public function nonattribuéAction()
    $repository = $em->getRepository('administrationadministrationBundle:Papier');
    $repository = $em->getRepository('administrationadministrationBundle:CorrectionPap');
    $query = $em->createQuery('SELECT * FROM administaration\administrationBundle\Entity\Papier WHERE pNum IN (SELECT DISTINCT pNum FROM administaration\administrationBundle\Entity\CorrectionPapier GROUP BY pNum HAVING COUNT(rNum)=>0)');
    $papier = $query->getResult();
    return $this->render('administrationadministrationBundle:Default:papier.html.twig', array('papier' => $papier, 'name' => 'Papiers Non Attribués'));
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