2017-07-19 07:03
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如何在codeigniter框架php rest api中获取发布数据?

I am trying to create one restful api in Codeigniter framework. I need to pass some data to api through POST method so I am trying to retrieve the post data in api but I m getting it blank.

I am passing latitude and longitudes like

    "lat1" : "19.306506",
    "long1" : "72.848110",
    "lat2" : "19.288461",
    "long2" : "72.860041"

from postman.

And trying to retrieve it two ways

class distance_calculator extends REST_Controller
    function distance_calculator()
    function get_distance_post()
        $lat1 = $this->input->post('lat1'); // 1st way    
        $long1 = $_POST['long1']; // 2nd way 
        $this->response($lat1.$long1, 200);

Both aren't working, I got empty string in response. I am a beginner with codeigniter please help. Thank you.

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  • dse55384 2017-07-19 07:17

    As googling a little bit i found the following:

    try replacing your get_distance_post() method with the following

    function get_distance_post()
        $response['lat1'] = $this->post('lat1');
        $respone['long1'] = $this->post('long1');
        $this->response($response, 200);

    Does that work for you?

    source: Tutsplus

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