dongshuzhuo5659 2018-06-12 15:44
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LDAP - 服务器A - >服务器B - > LDAP

So I have a script on Server B that calls:


and successfully logs in. If I execute the file as: php ldap_test.php I have successful output and results.

Now, I need to execute this file from the outside (I know there is a security concern around this! No need to remind it). So I'd like to do (from Server A):


Which returns me that ldap_bind was unsuccessful (note, credentials are intentionally hard coded as of now).

I couldn't find any reason why this shouldn't be possible - and I'm quite curious, anyone has any idea?

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  • dongwei3120 2018-06-14 18:25

    System specific ... httpd_can_connect_ldap (seen through getsebool -a | grep http | grep ldap for example) is off by default in CentOS.

    If one wants to enable, they can use setsebool to do that.

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