2014-10-08 20:35

是否可以通过CURL / WGET访问CSS按钮?


I am trying to click on a CSS button via CURL/WGET, however so far I am having no luck. The exact link location for the CSS button is a dynamic URI - for example:

Still when you access that page via curl/wget it does not trigger the action. There is a CSS selector which I need to access somehow. I found this:

However it requires installing additional software which is not an option. I need something that would work with curl/wget or perhaps a sample PHP script. I tried providing the following argument to wget:

--header="selector: some-selector"

However it does not achieve the desired result.

Here is some more information from the comment, so that it is easier to see:

I've got the HTTP headers and tried to replicate them but with no luck. They are too long so I uploaded example headers to:

Could anyone provide example script/command that could be used to achieve the above?

The action is not triggered by accessing the url - it requires you to click on a button. I have provided HTTP headers in my previous command. Here is what the exact button looks like when inspected:

<div style="margin-bottom:15px;">

  <a style="display:block; width:350px" href="" id="game-one">
    <img src="" width="24" height="24" />
                           Sample Text


So basically I need to activate the game-one selector some how - simulate a click on that button via a script. The PHPBrowser that I mentioned above seems to offer this functionality, however I cannot install it as it requires additional software which is not an option in this case.

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  • dongzhao5834 dongzhao5834 7年前

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    I was actually able to figure this out - it is possible via CURL. It appears that it was necessary to add referer set for the previous page, so in order to access the dynamic URI and trigger the action I used the following CURL:

    curl --head --referer ''
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  • duanhuang2150 duanhuang2150 7年前

    In a comment below your question, you gave the following HTML for the "CSS button."

    <a id="game-one" href=""; style="display:block; width:350px">

    It's difficult to tell from this anchor alone, but it appears that you have a plain ol' link. In other words, to click this button is to click a link, which is to make an HTTP GET request to and render a page. If this is the case, then using curl or wget to request is effectively mimicking that button click (assuming cookies don't matter).

    It's also possible that there is some Javascript code waiting to receive a click event from id="game-one", but I can't tell for sure without looking at the page with the "CSS button." But if that's the case, consider triggering a click event using Javascript. See How to simulate a click with JavaScript? for a plain Javascript implementation or Simulating Button click in javascript for a JQuery implementation.

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