2014-09-30 17:25



Well i got a php code encrypted, i thought it could be zend guard encrypt but it is not.

I post it in this link:

I don't know if it possible to know.


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  • dongpankao6133 dongpankao6133 7年前

    Oh dear, looks like your server got hacked. The code will decode and execute itself when run, it's obfuscated to obscure its function.

    It's self-decoding. You can see the eval() in there. If you change it to a print() then it will display the code that it's trying to execute. This is nested several deeps, so each time you will need to change an eval() to a print() to see what's going on. Be very careful when doing this, every time you see a construct like $a($b) then it's doing a function call, so you'll need to stop it from doing the function call and just print out $a and $b.

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