2017-07-22 12:23
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what need of all three in yii2 login,i am new to yii2 framework and i want to know use of all these three. thanks in advance.

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在yii2登录中需要所有三个,我是yii2框架的新手,我想知道所有这些的使用 三。 提前谢谢。

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  • dongtang9855 2017-07-22 12:32

    There are methods to crack an md5-hash, so md5 is not meeting the requirements for good data security. Sure you could use md5 - many companies still do that - but it isn't a save method. If you already have all passwords hashed with md5 and want to hash them with another method, there are a few good ways to do that.

    Ps. The Authkey is

    used to verify cookie-based login. The key is stored in the login cookie and will be later compared with the server-side version to make sure the login cookie is valid. -

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