2017-12-17 17:12



I have a php array that i converted in Js using the json_encode method:

$mesi = ['Nov', 'Dic'];

var js_mesi = '<?php print(json_encode($mesi)); ?>';

this is the converted array


The problem I'm having now it's to place the Js array inside a JS object like this

data: {
    labels: [js_mesi],

because the values of js_mesi are recognized as a single value and not as two separate values. The output I would like to have is this:

data: {
    labels: ["Nov", "Dic"]

instead I see this

data: {
    labels: ["Nov,Dic"]
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  • douchuxun4162 douchuxun4162 4年前

    In the javascript variable assignment, you had added ' single quotes around the PHP block.

    Hence it was considered as a string and would have got the value '["Nov","Dic"]' instead of an array.

    Corrected code

    $mesi = array('Nov','Dic');
    var js_mesi = <?php print(json_encode($mesi)); ?>;


    var js_mesi = ["Nov","Dic"];

    Refer for the output

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