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Swift iOS应用程序到REST PHP API - 身份验证的最佳实践是什么?

I'm in the process of building a iOS mobile application in Swift. I have a RESTFUL API written in PHP which communicates between the mobile application and a database. Everything is working perfectly.

The problem I've got is, I don't know what the best practice is for authentication. I eventually want users to sign up for an account on my application, but I'd like to have the user enter login credentials as little as possible, so some kind of authentication/authorisation key would be preferred.

I see so many different recommendations when I've looked for an answer, yet can't seem to find a tutorial or set of tutorials that cover what I need.

Can you guys link me some sources on how I'd go about achieving the above?

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我正在使用Swift构建iOS移动应用程序。 我有一个用PHP编写的RESTFUL API,它在移动应用程序和数据库之间进行通信。 一切都很完美。</ p>

我遇到的问题是,我不知道验证的最佳做法是什么。 我最终希望用户在我的应用程序上注册一个帐户,但我希望用户尽可能少地输入登录凭据,因此首选某种身份验证/授权密钥。</ p> \ n

当我寻找答案时,我看到了很多不同的建议,但似乎无法找到涵盖我需要的教程或教程。</ p>

Can 你们给我一些关于我如何实现上述目标的消息来源?</ p> </ div>

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