2018-12-27 05:41
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I am using PHP to generate a laravel hash password & insert it into the database using mysql query for my laravel application. I am using PASSWORD_BCRYPT algorithm for password generation. Password is generated successfully , but when I go to my laravel application & login with that password, I am unable to login. It gives an error.

Here is the code to generate the password:

$password = password_hash($databaseData['DB_PASSWORD'], PASSWORD_BCRYPT, ['cost' => 10]);
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  • douchang6770 2018-12-27 21:49

    From version 5.0, Laravel uses the function bcrypt() to hash passwords, you should use this.

    You can call the make method through the Hash facade like so:


    Or choose to use the normal bcrypt() function like so:


    You can then verify the password like this:

    if (Hash::check('passwordInput', $hash)) {
        // password matched hash

    There's more information about hashing in Laravel 5.7 here.

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