2015-07-06 11:32
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I have a page in Drupal which is coming when clicking on a my account link, I want to change some content of this page, but I couldn't find page in the script. The URL of the page is


Please anyone help me, how to get the same page in Drupal to edit it?

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我在Drupal中有一个页面,在点击我的帐户链接时会出现 我想要更改一些内容 这个页面,但我在脚本中找不到页面。 页面的URL是

http:// localhost / example_drupal / node / 8135 / edit?destination = sa / view-forms%3Ffield_sd_club_name_value%3Dnes%26field_form_status_value%3DAll 请有人帮助我,如何在Drupal中编辑相同页面进行编辑?

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  • dongzheng7165 2015-07-07 10:39

    For easy search nodes use Administration Views module. Module add search field in pages list.

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  • doushaizhen1244 2015-07-07 07:48

    So, url to your page is /node/8135 and url to it's edit page is /node/8135/edit . You got both ulrs there.

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