2016-01-24 15:19
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PHP cURL类 - Cookie无法正常运行

I'm using the php-curl-class from github.

I've sent a few posts to login to a website using $curl->post("", array()); and after returning the data from the response I can verify I login successfully.

My issue lies when using $curl->get("");.

The PHP cURL class's get() function is not reading the cookies correctly.

My code contains the following at the top of the document:

$curl = new Curl();

Is this not enough for the get() function to properly use the cookies?

I can verify the cookies.txt file is created and cookies are printed in the file but they're just not being used 100%.

I know they're not being read correctly because when I use the following code:

echo $curl->get("");

I can see that I am not logged in.

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