2015-06-02 17:26
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I have to update the price and quantity values of specific products in a database.

As I understand, simply executing sql commands is not a great option since there are a lot of tables which have similar informations. I have read that Product() object should be created.

How should I create the Product object and then update it in the database?

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我必须更新 price quantity 值 数据库中的特定产品

据我所知,简单地执行sql命令不是一个很好的选择,因为有很多表具有相似的信息。 我已经读过应该创建 Product()对象。

我应该如何创建 Product 对象,然后在 数据库?

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  • dongyou2635 2015-06-02 20:13

    You can check the class ProductCore in classes/Product.php for various methods and properties

    Generally, you would write some code like this

    //assuming you have the product id as $id_product
    $product = new Product($id_product);
    //change the product properties
    $product->quantity = 10;
    $product->price = 60.2;
    //save the changes

    Edit: To update the quantity you can use this method:

    StockAvailable::updateQuantity($id_product, $id_product_attribute, $delta_quantity, $id_shop = null);
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