2017-11-08 04:54
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I am using Prestashop 1.5.4 and we get bulk product updates for suppliers frequently in form of CSV. The pre-built Prestashop import module worked great when we want to add new products to the system. However, the problem occurred when the CSV list contains both addition and modification of existing products.

we can update the list if there is a fixed operation with the achievable amount of products, but things get hectic when the number goes into 100s and process become repetitive.

Hence, I am looking for an automated way which could help in both updates and creates a dynamic number of products.

Recommendations and solutions are much appricatates.

Thanks in advance

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我使用的是Prestashop 1.5.4,我们经常以CSV的形式为供应商提供批量产品更新。 当我们想要向系统添加新产品时,预构建的Prestashop导入模块运行良好。 但是,当CSV列表同时包含现有产品的添加和修改时出现问题。

如果存在可实现的固定操作,我们可以更新列表 产品的数量,但当数量达到100s并且过程变得重复时,事情变得忙乱。




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  • dongwupei7803 2017-11-27 13:02

    First off, i would recommend updating to a higher PS version.

    Secondly there are enough 'free' modules that could help you, but in overall this is mainly a server issue, because out of the box Prestashop is able to handle the product updates quite nicely.

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