2018-07-02 19:07
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I have a page where if you are logged in, you see your username and avatar. If you are not logged in, then you see a connect button that will redirect you to another page where you can enter your username and your password to log in.
What I want to do is after you log in and are redirected on the page you were before logging in.


if (isset($_POST["logIn"])) 

 } else
 {  ...}

What should I change to header?

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  • doulierong0334
    doulierong0334 2018-07-02 19:21

    1- on login page, you need to get referrer url (from where it was redirected to login page that user not logged in)

    2- In that login form, make hidden field with that referrer value like:

    <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];?>">

    3- On submit, and verified username and password from database, redirect to this URL like

    header('location: '.$_POST['redirect']);
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  • dounaidu0204
    dounaidu0204 2018-07-02 19:15

    You mean you just need to redirect to the referer url ? If so, try this :

    header('Location: ' . $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']);
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