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TYPO3 PHP无法在网站上运行

On my Website with TYPO3 I want some PHP scripts to show some data on my Homepage. Without TYPO3 it works well, however using TYPO3 it does not show results.

I have some JS files included via TypoScript, which runs PHP files with the use of ajax.

I use the following AJAX call to my PHP scripts:

        url : 'fileadmin/php/loadprices.php',
        type : 'POST',
        dataType : 'json',

        beforeSend: function(){

The JS is executed properly, so it isn't the issue for that. Without TYPO3, the PHP script is running properly too. On a local server (apache), the PHP script is executed.

On the IIS 6 Server the PHP script does not work.

Does anybody know some tips? greets

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  • duanletao9487 2017-04-20 20:02

    You probably run your website with realurl? In that case if you are not working with baseUrl your link will be altered if it is opened from a "subdirectory" like yourdomain/link1/link2.html. The relative path fileadmin/php/loadprices.php becomes yourdomain/link1/fileadmin/php/loadprices.php that way.

    A simple solution is to change it to an absolute url:

    url : '/fileadmin/php/loadprices.php',
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