doukan3504 2016-07-17 03:41
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PHP echo数组值没有循环

I have the following code which works perfectly fine to give me the name of the customer with the ID of 10:

foreach($customer_list as $row) {
    if ($row->CUSTOMER_ID == 10)
    echo $row->NAME;

Is there a way I can do this more directly, without the foreach loop and if statement? I'd like to do something like:

echo $customer_list[CUSTOMER_ID][10]->NAME;

But I don't know the syntax or if it's even possible.

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  • duanpingzu7194 2016-07-17 03:58

    You could use array_filter It will return an array of customers whose ID is 10. We then select the first match (the only match probably) and access the NAME property.

    $name = reset( array_filter(
                $customer_list,function($c){return $c->CUSTOMER_ID === 10;}

    The cleaner approach is to factor it out, into a separate function:

    $getCustName = function($list,$id){
        return reset( array_filter(
            function($c) use ($id) {return $c->CUSTOMER_ID === $id;}

    Then you can get the name easily with just one line:

    $name = $getCustName($customer_list,10);
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