2018-02-06 16:38
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I'm having a strange problem with php PDO and mysql. I read other examples here, but while I am learning MySQL with the PDO, I did not understand it and I could not solve it yet.

$name = $_POST[ "name" ];
$email = $_POST[ "email" ];
$telefone = $_POST[ "telefone" ];
$endereco = $_POST[ "endereco" ];
$numero = $_POST[ "numero" ];
$bairro = $_POST[ "bairro" ];
$cidade = $_POST[ "cidade" ];

$telefoneHash = make_hash( $telefone );

$PDO = db_connect();

//With this code it gives the error: 'Syntax error or access violation: 1064'
//Without it it does not give an error but does not perform the update

$PDO = $PDO->prepare( 'UPDATE users SET :name, :email, :telefone, :endereco, :numero, :bairro, :cidade WHERE email = :email' ); 

$PDO->bindValue( ':name', $_REQUEST[ 'name' ] );
$PDO->bindValue( ':email', $_REQUEST[ 'email' ] );
$PDO->bindValue( ':telefone', $telefoneHash );
$PDO->bindValue( ':endereco', $_REQUEST[ 'endereco' ] );
$PDO->bindValue( ':numero', $_REQUEST[ 'numero' ] );
$PDO->bindValue( ':bairro', $_REQUEST[ 'bairro' ] );
$PDO->bindValue( ':cidade', $_REQUEST[ 'cidade' ] );

echo $PDO->rowCount() . " records UPDATED successfully";
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  • du7999 2018-02-06 16:44

    The syntax for UPDATE with PDO is SET col=:col

    Using the column name, followed by the equal sign and the named placeholder.

    $PDO = $PDO->prepare( 'UPDATE users SET name = :name, email = :email, 
                           telefone = :telefone, endereco = :endereco, 
                           numero = :numero, bairro = :bairro, cidade = :cidade 
                           WHERE email = :email' ); 

    PDO error handling would have clearly shown you the errors:

    Use error reporting also.

    This assuming that the column names are of the same names that I used here.

    However and as stated, why use the $_REQUEST's? Just use the variables that you assigned in the POST arrays, and assuming that your form is using a post method.

    $PDO->bindValue(':name', $name);
    $PDO->bindValue(':email', $email);
    $PDO->bindValue(':telefone', $telefoneHash);
    $PDO->bindValue(':endereco', $telefone);
    $PDO->bindValue(':numero', $numero);
    $PDO->bindValue(':bairro', $bairro);
    $PDO->bindValue(':cidade', $cidade);
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  • dongyan1808 2018-02-06 16:44

    Base UPDATE query syntax is

    UPDATE `table_name` SET field_name = FIELD_VALUE

    So, in your query you should do:

    $PDO = $PDO->prepare( 'UPDATE users SET name = :name, email = :email /* more fields here */ WHERE email = :email2' ); 
    $PDO->bindValue( ':name', $_REQUEST[ 'name' ] );
    $PDO->bindValue( ':email', $_REQUEST[ 'email' ] );
    $PDO->bindValue( ':email2', $_REQUEST[ 'email' ] );
    // more binds here
    echo $PDO->rowCount() . " records UPDATED successfully";

    First note: you can't use same placeholder name twice, that's why I replaced :email with :email2.

    Second note: I suppose, it's useless to update email by which you find the record to the same value.

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