2018-06-14 12:32
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使用Laravel 5.6在包含的视图中传递数据

Using Laravel 5.6, I'm trying to get the number of received links a logged-in user may have in my application.

public function getReceivedLinksCount() {
    return $count = App\Link::where([
                ['recipient_id', Auth::id()],
                ['sender_id', '!=', Auth::id()]

So far, so good. Question is not about that piece of code, but where I can use it. I'd like to display this counter on the navigation bar of the website (Facebook's style) which is in my header.blade.php which is included in every page.

I'd like to do it with a clean code, of course. It seems like I need to use View Composers but I'm not sure it's the right way to do it, and not sure on how the code is supposed to look.

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