2015-09-05 11:04
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I am on PHP 5.5.27 and I want to use SQLite in a ZF2 application. I understand I have to enable .ddl libraries in my php.ini (I am on windows 10), but the documentation is unclear.

There are two .dll libraries mentioned in my php.ini:


Which one should I enable?

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我在PHP 5.5.27上,我想在ZF2应用程序中使用SQLite。 我知道我必须在我的 php.ini 中启用 .ddl 库(我在Windows 10上),但文档不清楚。

我的 php.ini 中提到了两个 .dll 库:

 ; extension = php_pdo_sqlite.dll  
; extension = php_sqlite3.dll 


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  • dongwu4834 2015-09-05 12:33

    It depends on how you want to interact with SQLite:

    php_sqlite3.dll will give you access to the SQLite3 database extension functions - so you'll be able to use PHP's specific SQLite functions.

    php_pdo_sqlite.dll will give you access to the PDO's SQLite driver - so you'll be able to use PDO to access SQLite functions.

    If you're not sure what your framework needs, you can activate both of them. If you want to just start with one of them, I'd go for the PDO driver, which will let change to a different DB in the future more easily, should you need to.

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