2014-06-18 14:26



I want to use the autoloader generated by composer for my unit tests to load classes automatically.

Now I don't know if I should commit my vendor directory to my git repo. A pro is that everyone who clones my repo immediately can run the phpUnit tests. A con is that I ship a lot of proprietary code with my repo.

Should I insist that the user who clones my repo has to run composer install first and therefor has to have composer "installed"?

Is it a solution to don't commit vendor directory into my git repo but pack it into a release branch so that my application runs out of the box?

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  • douhui9631 douhui9631 7年前

    The official recommendation is to ignore vendor/:

    Tip: If you are using git for your project, you probably want to add vendor into your .gitignore. You really don't want to add all of that code to your repository.

    Make sure to include both your composer.json and composer.lock files, though.

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