2015-02-28 23:08
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I have memcached installed on a new Mac using Pecl. When I type Telnet localhost 11211 I get something back. Further, Memcached appears in my php info page as well.

However, when I view my symfony project I get an error saying that "You must have memcache installed and enabled to use sfMemcacheCache class." What am I doing wrong?

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我使用Pecl在新Mac上安装了memcached。 当我键入Telnet localhost 11211时,我得到了回报。 此外,Memcached也出现在我的php信息页面中。

然而,当我查看我的symfony项目时,我收到一条错误消息“你必须安装memcache并启用它才能使用sfMemcacheCache类。 “ 我做错了什么?

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  • dongting7352 2015-03-01 08:52

    There are two different extensions for using memcache in php: memcache and memcached. Most likely you installed the wrong extension. Just install the other one as well and all should be fine.

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